Hunter Biden Business Associate 'In Hiding' Ahead of Testimony

Hunter Biden Business Associate 'In Hiding' Ahead of Testimony

Devon Archer, a longtime friend and former Burisma board member with Hunter Biden, is reportedly in “hiding” ahead of his expected testimony about President Biden’s involvement in his son’s business dealings before assuming office.

Archer is scheduled to testify next week to the House Oversight Committee, claiming that he witnessed Biden participating in at least two dozen calls with Hunter.

The New York Post first reported the hearing, and since then, Archer has reportedly fled his homes in Long Island and Brooklyn. However, he still plans to testify, according to the Daily Mail. The move comes after Archer allegedly received threats and expressed concern for his and his family’s safety.

Despite confirming Archer’s absence from Washington, D.C., and both his New York residences, his wife denied that he is “in hiding.”

The House Oversight Committee invited Archer to testify, even though he was sentenced to one year in prison last year for his role in a $60 million bond fraud. Previous attempts to depose him were canceled due to personal reasons.

Archer’s expected testimony could reveal that Hunter introduced his father to foreign business partners and potential investors during meetings, often putting him on speakerphone to impress them.

While Archer’s lawyer did not respond to inquiries, he released a statement saying Archer would speak for himself during the Oversight Committee hearing.

Meanwhile, Hunter Biden’s plea deal fell apart during his recent court appearance, where he pled “not guilty” to misdemeanor tax counts. Federal prosecutors confirmed that he is still under investigation.


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