GOP Accuses DOJ of 'Obstructing Justice' in Biden Bribery Case

GOP Accuses DOJ of 'Obstructing Justice' in Biden Bribery Case

Rep. Byron Donalds, a Republican from Florida, has made serious accusations against political appointees at the Department of Justice (DOJ), claiming they deliberately kept bribery allegations against the Biden family concealed.

Speaking on “America’s Newsroom,” Donalds asserted that the FBI form containing information on the alleged bribery should have been made public long ago and suggested that this withholding of crucial information could be considered obstruction of justice.

The explosive FBI document released by Sen. Chuck Grassley, a Republican from Iowa, contains shocking allegations that then-Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden coerced the Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma to pay them millions of dollars in exchange for their help in getting a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating the company fired, Fox News reports.

The document, known as an FD-1023 form, was obtained by Grassley through legally protected disclosures by DOJ whistleblowers.

According to Grassley, the FD-1023 form is based on information provided by a “highly credible” confidential source who had multiple meetings and conversations with a top executive from Burisma Holdings.

These interactions reportedly occurred over several years, starting in 2015, during the time when Hunter Biden served on Burisma’s board.

Donalds believes that political holdovers and appointees at the DOJ intentionally obstructed justice to prevent this damning information from reaching the public eye.

He also criticized Secretary of State Antony Blinken for leading a letter signed by 51 people in the intelligence community, falsely claiming that the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation. The subsequent revelations exposed the disinformation narrative as a lie.

The Florida representative further argued that if the DOJ officials indeed obstructed justice and halted the investigation or suppressed charges, it would be tantamount to high crimes and misdemeanors. He emphasized that the FBI had no justification for withholding the FD-1023 form, and the public had the right to know about the alleged bribery scheme involving the Bidens and a Ukrainian business executive.

Grassley released the document to allow the American people to read it firsthand without any political or bureaucratic filters. The FD-1023 form, being a confidential human source reporting document, provides critical insights into the allegations and meetings that took place between the confidential source and the Burisma executive.


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