Biden Donor and Appointee Buys Hunter's Art, Raising Concerns

Biden Donor and Appointee Buys Hunter's Art, Raising Concerns

Hunter Biden‘s art sales raise concerns over potential conflicts of interest, as one of the anonymous buyers was revealed to be Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali, a significant Democrat donor and appointee of President Biden.

Hirsh Naftali’s purchase, combined with her previous donations to Biden’s campaigns, gives the appearance of an ethical conflict.

Kendra Arnold from the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust expressed worry over the lack of transparency in the art deals and urged caution in granting special access or appointments to those involved.

Despite the White House’s assurances that buyers’ identities would remain unknown to both Hunter and the administration, Hunter Biden discovered the identity of Hirsh Naftali and another buyer as they were his friends.

Paul Kamenar from the National Legal and Policy Center finds this troubling, suggesting questionable activity akin to pay-to-play scenarios.

“There seems to be questionable activity going on here, almost like a pay-to-play because we were told the buyers of the art would be anonymous,” Kamenar told Fox News Digital. “Everybody at that time thought it was kind of a joke because obviously the buyer of the art is not under any constraints to keep his or her purchase a secret from Hunter or the Biden folks at the White House.”

Moreover, Hirsh Naftali’s access to the White House, visiting at least 13 times since 2021, and meetings with White House aides raise further red flags.

Another buyer, Kevin Morris, Hunter’s “sugar brother” friend and lawyer, has also reportedly purchased art from Hunter.

Morris’s previous generous support and assistance to Hunter have attracted media attention. Both cases add to the ethical concerns surrounding Hunter’s art sales, which align with previous allegations of corruption brought forth by IRS whistleblowers.

The White House did not provide immediate comments on the matter.


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