Biden’s Visit to Southern Borner Slammed by Patrol Union: “Too Little, Too Late”

Biden’s Visit to Southern Borner Slammed by Patrol Union: “Too Little, Too Late”

The Border Patrol Union has sharply criticized President Biden’s planned visit to the border this week, characterizing it as a cynical move to salvage his presidency while jeopardizing American safety.

In a statement received by Fox News Digital, the union declared Biden’s visit, three years into his term, “after repeatedly stating there is no crisis is too little, too late.”


The union argued that visiting the border now would be pointless if the president’s claims of having done everything to secure it were true. They expressed skepticism, stating, “Even if he were to put the proper policies in place at this late hour, he’d be doing it only to try to save his Presidency.” The union raised concerns that Biden’s actions, seen as self-serving as his term winds down, might indicate a potential return to open border policies if he were re-elected.

“Biden is going to the border now solely to try to save himself. Border security should never be about politics, it should always be about the safety and security of this great nation and the American people,” the union emphasized.

As President Biden and former President Donald Trump plan dueling trips to the U.S-Mexico border, the union’s statement underscores the deep political divide over immigration policies. Biden’s visit to Brownsville, Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley, aims to address the need for bipartisan legislation and marks his second visit to the border as president.

The trips highlight the significance of immigration in the upcoming 2024 presidential race, with both Republicans and Democrats positioning themselves on this critical issue. The collapsed bipartisan border deal, blamed on Republicans by Biden, has intensified the political battle, especially after Trump opposed the plan to tighten asylum restrictions and set daily limits on border crossings.

While the Biden administration has claimed to have implemented crackdowns at the border, it has also sought to establish legal pathways for illegal immigrants. However, the existing U.S. policy allows migrants to claim asylum regardless of their mode of arrival. The overwhelmed immigration system, coupled with record-high numbers of migrants, underscores the urgent need for substantial updates to the decades-old system.

Fox News Digital reached out to the White House for a response, emphasizing the ongoing tension surrounding border security and immigration policies.


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