Biden Requests $13 Billion for Ukraine Support, Plus $12 Billion for Disaster Relief

Biden Requests $13 Billion for Ukraine Support, Plus $12 Billion for Disaster Relief

President Biden requested an additional $13 billion in security funding for Ukraine. The request also included a separate ask of $12 billion to replenish federal disaster relief funds.

This move by the Biden administration comes as the total U.S. contributions to Ukraine’s war effort could surpass $123 billion. However, there’s a growing skepticism among some Americans and members of Congress regarding the allocation of such large funding grants to Ukraine.

The last significant funding request for Ukraine was made by President Biden in November 2022, and Congress had approved even more than he had asked for. Yet, this time, with a Republican-led House of Representatives, the approval process might not be as straightforward. A senior House GOP aide highlighted the contentious nature of this funding request, emphasizing that it has become a major point of debate.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., has pledged not to bring a supplemental Ukraine funding bill to the floor, a stance that reflects a broader sentiment among conservatives. Many conservatives, still wary of McCarthy’s previous debt limit deal with Biden, are calling for greater accountability before approving more financial aid to Kyiv.

As Ukraine to fend off Russian forces as best as it can, the challenges it faces remain significant.

Ukrainian troops have had to deal w ith Russian minefields and entrenched Russian forces, hindering their caise.

The offensive heavily relies on Western-supplied equipment, including German-made Leopard II tanks and U.S.-provided artillery and air defenses. Efforts are also underway to provide M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, and Ukrainian pilots are undergoing training to operate F-16 fighter jets.


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