BIDEN BORDER CRISIS: Over 700 Illegal Immigrants Cross Into America at Arizona Crossing in ONE DAY

BIDEN BORDER CRISIS: Over 700 Illegal Immigrants Cross Into America at Arizona Crossing in ONE DAY

A significant surge of over 700 illegal immigrants crossing the US-Southern border in Arizona has drawn attention and criticism as border officials announce a pause in reporting on the situation. There are concerns that the numbers may escalate into the thousands.

Videos circulating on social media depict a line of migrants stretching over a quarter of a mile at the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument near Lukeville, Arizona, reflecting a regular challenge faced by Border Patrol. The footage, shared by retired ICE director John Fabbricatore on X, questions the mainstream media’s coverage of the situation.


The illegal immigrants are being processed at Ajo Station, and additional videos reveal nighttime crossings by large groups.

Amid growing public concern, John Modlin, Chief Patrol Agent of the US Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector, declared a pause in updates on the crisis, sparking criticism for a lack of transparency. Social media reactions included accusations of political influence and suppression of information.

This surge follows data from Border Patrol indicating historic levels of illegal crossings under the Biden administration’s open border policies. The US-Southern border has witnessed more than 2 million illegal crossings in the past year, with over 6 million encounters since President Joe Biden assumed office in 2021.

Notably, apprehensions of individuals on the terrorist watchlist have nearly doubled compared to the previous record, with 172 individuals apprehended at the border. Former President Donald Trump, a leading contender for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, recently warned of a massive caravan of illegal immigrants heading to the US, emphasizing his commitment to prioritizing border security if he were to regain the White House in 2025.


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