Biden Back to Wearing Masks Indoors as Covid Scare Returns

Biden Back to Wearing Masks Indoors as Covid Scare Returns

President Biden will once again be donning a mask indoors.

The announcement came following the revelation that First Lady Jill Biden had tested positive for COVID-19.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre outlined the precautions the president would be taking, including wearing masks indoors when in proximity to others, in alignment with CDC guidance.

The online backlash was swift, with many users expressing their frustration at the possibility of mask mandates returning. Chad Gilmartin, deputy spokesperson for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, couldn’t resist reminding his followers of Biden’s 2020 campaign promise to “shut down the virus.”

Cryptocurrency entrepreneur Bruce Fenton expressed his skepticism, referring to those who raised concerns about mask mandates as “conspiracy theorists” who had been proven right.

Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich weighed in with a strongly worded critique of mask efficacy, stating that masks were “garbage against COVID/Wuhan coronavirus” and argued they could cause harm by damaging lungs and containing cancerous materials. She also pointed out environmental concerns related to mask usage.

Investigative reporter Emily Miller dismissed the decision as “nonsense fearmongering,” implying that the need for President Biden to mask up again because he had been around his infected wife was an overreaction.

Podcast host Bryan Dean Wright adopted a somewhat humorous tone, suggesting that it was now easier to identify “crazy people” based on their willingness to wear masks.

These sentiments were echoed by RealClearInvestigations editor-at-large Benjamin Weingarten, who criticized the perceived relentlessness of government measures related to COVID-19.

Despite the backlash, Jean-Pierre remained firm in her statements, explaining that President Biden would continue to be tested on a regular schedule as determined by his physician, and all travelers would be tested before his upcoming trip to India. She expressed confidence in the government’s ability to handle COVID-19 in the fall and assured the public that they would continue to follow expert advice.

Jill Biden, who tested positive for COVID-19, had previously received double vaccinations and two booster shots against the virus. She is currently recuperating at the family’s Delaware residence.

This marked the second time the first lady had tested positive for the virus, with the first instance occurring in August 2022 while she was in South Carolina.


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