Beloved NYC Grandmother Shot Dead During Broad-Daylight Gang Shootout

Beloved NYC Grandmother Shot Dead During Broad-Daylight Gang Shootout

A beloved Bronx grandmother, Enriqueta Rivera, was murdered in a senseless shooting while running errands on a Thursday afternoon.

The incident occurred when a suspected gang member opened fire on a rival gang member in a busy commercial area, the New York Post reports.

Video footage captured the heartbreaking moment as Rivera, 71, fell to the ground near a Mott Haven crosswalk in broad daylight, while the gunman and his target fled in opposite directions.

Rivera was a cherished member of her community, known for her kindness and generosity. She had recently retired and enjoyed spending time with her family, hosting gatherings, and preparing meals for loved ones.

The area where the shooting took place has been grappling with rising violence, leaving residents fearful of walking the streets due to escalating crime and stray bullets.

A hair salon worker in the vicinity expressed concern about the deteriorating situation, with businesses suffering, and residents feeling abandoned by authorities. She emphasized the need for action to address the ongoing violence.

“Business is down,” Carmen Pagan, 65, said. “They don’t want to be around the corner. [The violence] is gonna keep on. It’s happened three days back to back. And they’re not going to do anything. The police, the mayor, they never do anything about it. We’re all by ourselves here in the Bronx.”

The tragic incident involving Rivera was one of several shootings in the area over the past week, resulting in innocent bystanders getting injured. Police suspect gang activity may be linked to these shootings.

Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark called for an end to the violence and highlighted the need for collective efforts to address the growing problem in the community.

“Those bullets struck two innocent people standing out on the street,” NYPD Assistant Chief Benjamin Gurley said during a news briefing Thursday night.

“This has got to stop … Enough is enough,” Clark said. “This is happening in broad daylight. We cannot continue to allow this to happen.”


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