China on the Brink & AZ Moves to Certify | Bowyer, Poso, Philipp, Steiner | The Charlie Kirk Show


As Arizonans gather around the MCTEC to protest the certification of Arizona’s botched elections, Tyler Bowyer joins to give an update on the legal challenges pending and replies back to the Maricopa Board of Supervisors nothing response to AZ’s Election Integrity Unit’s demand letter for answers. Next, we move to China with Jack Posobiec and Joshua Philipp from the Epoch Times, as that country rebels against the CCP’s “Zero Covid policy. Finally Dan SEteiner from Pre-Born joins to explain his important work, and whether or not Dobbs impacted the midterms, and if so, how? The Charlie Kirk Show is LIVE on Salem Radio stations across the country and simulcasting on Real America’s Voice.

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