Trans "Woman" Murder Suspect Allegedly Runs Over, Fatally Stabs Victim in Broad Daylight

Trans "Woman" Murder Suspect Allegedly Runs Over, Fatally Stabs Victim in Broad Daylight

A murder suspect allegedly captured on video running over a man twice with a car before fatally stabbing him multiple times in broad daylight has been formally charged.

Court documents obtained by KTRK-TV describe Karon Fisher, 20, as a man, although the Houston Police Department refers to Fisher as a “she.” The homicide occurred around 7:50 p.m. on May 3, as stated in a police press release.

Neighbor video footage obtained by KTRK suggests a deliberate assault on the victim, identified as 64-year-old Steven Anderson, who was reportedly en route to retrieve his mail.

The footage shows Anderson turning to face a white car approaching him with screeching tires, which struck him before reversing to strike him again. Subsequently, the suspect, clad in all-black attire, is seen wielding a knife, flipping Anderson over, straddling him, kissing him, and then inflicting nine stab wounds.

Afterward, the suspect unsuccessfully attempts to enter another vehicle before leaping over the victim’s body and fleeing.

Upon receiving reports of a failure to render aid, officers discovered Anderson deceased at the scene, with multiple stab wounds.

Following witness accounts, officers located the suspect nearby, leading to detention, questioning, and subsequent charges, with Fisher taken into custody and transferred to Harris County Jail.

Authorities have yet to establish a known relationship between the suspect and the victim, as reported by local TV station KPRC.

Fisher was reportedly under community supervision for evading arrest in 2023 and faced prostitution charges in 2021, though the case was dismissed.

According to online jail records, Fisher’s next court appearance is scheduled for May 24, with bond set at $2.125 million.


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