Why They Banned Me From Twitter

Why They Banned Me From Twitter

Date Aired: March 22, 2022

Description: Following a completely factual tweet regarding “Rachel” Levine, the tech oligarchs at Twitter in concert with the Trans Mafia come together to ban Charlie from the already-dying platform. Charlie gives his full, uncensored response and dives in-depth into the thought crimes the Silicon Valley overlords don’t want you to hear—including a fascinating and terrifying discussion on Transhumanism. He’s also joined by Sean Davis, CEO of ‘The Federalist’ who reacted to the ban and gave his thoughts on the cultural revolution happening in America as well as the ground war happening in Ukraine, which seems to be rapidly fading from the zeitgeist. Charlie ties it all together with a conversation on “Lia” Thomas and the death of women’s sports, featuring excerpts of an interview aired on ‘The Breakaway with Jon Root,’ a TPUSA production.

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