Rush Limbaugh's Final Biden Warning Comes True

Rush Limbaugh's Final Biden Warning Comes True

Date Aired: April 1, 2022

Description: Charlie dives into the changing media landscape shifting around the feet of the Biden Regime and examines what is driving the change in tone, coverage and even the White House staff. As Jen Psaki heads for the exit, other rumors swirl around a “mass staff exodus” and a “toxic work environment” leak to reporters, why are Democrats jumping ship? Meanwhile, almost to a T, a final, eerily prophetic warning from the GOAT, Rush Limbaugh, appears to be coming true right before our eyes as the crises continue to mount for the Regime. Next up, Charlie welcomes Jennifer Braceras, Director of the Independent Women’s Law Center, who is working to to pass a “Women’s Bill of Right” to codify into law what is a woman, what is a man, and other basic terms. As Charlie remains suspended from Twitter for affirming Rachel Levine is a biological man, you can sign the petition at (Independent Women’s Voice) to fight for an affirmation of a common-sense, traditional view of what a woman is.

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