America First is Alive and Well with Pollster Rich Baris

America First is Alive and Well with Pollster Rich Baris

Date Aired: March 22, 2022

Description: Charlie welcomes Rich Baris, Director of Big Data Polls, to break down his newest polling coming on the back of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Dialing in his polling after Putin’s evil invasion into Ukraine, Baris polled Americans specifically on their appetite for intervening into that regional conflict. While many Americans are willing to contribute funding, Baris reveals that independents, the new right, and the old Democrat base are all united against getting embroiled in a conflict 5,000 miles away including the establishment of a no-fly zone. But despite this coalition, is Biden experiencing a polling bump, and if so, how durable will it prove? Finally, Charlie and Rich discuss what do voters say will happen in a Trump v. Biden head-to-head matchup? Next up, Charlie turns his attention on the $14 billion Ukraine aid package that Congress just voted for. Where is this money going and to what? The answers will surprise and disturb you. Lastly, Charlie gives an update on a top credit card company that has become even more woke than you might imagine.

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