How the Nation Can Turn Back to God—LIVE from Golden Spring Calvary Chapel


Charlie visit Calvary Chapel Golden Springs, CA with Pastor Raul Ries to discuss how our nation can turn its heart and mind back to God. The question is how can we do that? In a talk full of practical, spiritual applications, Charlie dives in by beginning with young peoples’ lack of ultimate purpose and how this can only be “fixed” by fixing our hearts and minds on something worthy of our praise, worthy of our wonder, and worthy of our devotion, and that of course God. Charlie lays out how the facts are clear, that as the country has become more secular, we become less free. Charlie calls for a rededication to the scriptures and back to a day of sabbath and rest to turn this around. Charlie also discusses the unpopular topic of Satan and why the church needs to more openly discuss evil so that we can become equipped to fight spiritual battles.

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