Pfizer Docs and Davos Tyrants with Dr. Naomi Wolf


Charlie welcomes famed feminist and now bodily autonomy advocate, Dr. Naomi Wolf, author of the upcoming book, “The Bodies of Others” (out May 31) to discuss the upcoming W.H.O. treaty that would forfeit American sovereignty to a supranational governmental body. Dr. Wolf outlines what states can do to pass legislation now to nullify the unconstitutional W.H.O. treaty that is poised to be ratified in the coming days, and then offers some very provocative takes on what she believes should be the response to the Biden Regime for even pursuing this policy. Next up, Dr. Wolf discusses what she’s found studying the Pfizer docs including adverse events from vaccines, negative impacts affecting pregnant mothers, blood clots, and a variety of other negative outcomes contained within the explosive Pfizer doc dump. Charlie then covers the classical wisdom from Aristotle outlining his writings on tyrants and their schemes, relating it back to the World Economic Forum and how Aristotle warned about so much that is happening now in the American Poltical landscape. What other lessons from history can we extrapolate from past teachers that inform our current insane political moment? Finally, Charlie ends the episode with a disturbing warning from Pennsylvania Republican primaries. 

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