The REAL Reason Durham Is Starting with Michael Sussman with Kash Patel


Charlie welcomes to the show former federal prosecutor, former national security council member, and former chief of staff to the acting US Secretary of Defense during the Trump Administration, Kash Patel, who is also the author of the nation’s number 1 selling children’s book, “The Plot Against the King.” If you’re confused or struggling to keep up with the current details of the Durham Investigation, Kash and Charlie walk through the entire plot from beginning to end. Kash then outlines why in his expert opinion, Durham is conducting his investigation in such a wise and strategic manner, including by starting his prosecution with Clinton lawyer, Michael Sussman. What is Durham’s strategy exactly behind his prosecution of a formerly obscure attorney instead of someone who is more high profile? Kash also reveals his new Times Square add that will run 100s of times a day to promote forcing the left to see the content in the middle of their biggest stronghold. Also, why is Kash focused on Andy McCabe and Peter Strzok? 

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