A Comprehensive Immigration Discussion with Stephen Miller and Rep. Andy Biggs


Charlie begins this episode with Arizona Congressmen Andy Biggs LIVE from Eagle Pass, Texas with an update from the Southern Border as it currently stands. Broadcasting just feet from the Mexico border, Rep. Biggs breaks down what is driving the current surge pointing the blame squarely at Joe Biden and DHS Sec. Mayorkas. He also breaks down exactly how these illegals are gaming the system by using fake family units, loopholes in the asylum policy, the cartels insidious profit schemes, and even holes in Title 42. Next up, Charlie welcomes the Trump Administration’s chief immigration architect, Stephen Miller, one of the foremost immigration experts in the country, for a can’t-miss deep dive discussion asking the very basic, but often ignored, questions including: What is the point of immigration? What obligation does America have to immigrants? Has mass immigration always been the norm in America or is this a new phenomena? What can we do to reform our immigration system without a conservative in the White House? 

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