Drag Queens, Safe Spaces, and CRT—The Marxist Invasion of Our Military


In the midst of our ongoing economic crash, Charlie raises the obvious question no one seems to be asking: what was it that made America the economic powerhouse and global reserve currency in the first place? It all came down to the fact that our economic might was backed up by military strength and our status as a “Global Superpower,” for better or for worse. But with shocking new reports coming from West Point and the Pentagon, Charlie raises a red flag to end all red flags about the downfall of American global hegemony and what that means for the west. He walks through each of those stories, playing tape as evidence to back them up, and exposes how the Military has officially, openly, and proudly gone “Woke” — spending endless resources on training, not to equip our fighters with lethal intel or the ability to protect the homeland, but to embed in them the gospel of CRT, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and Gender-Confused nonsense. He contrasts the military of today with the military of the past and if you don’t find yourself filled with righteous indignation by the end of this episode, you should check your pulse and your passport to make sure you’re still a Red-Blooded American. 

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