How Identity Politics Destroys American Equality with Dr. David Azerrad


Charlie sits down with the incredible Dr. David Azerrad, assistant Professor of Government at Hillsdale Graduate School of Government in Washington D.C. Charlie and Professor Azerrad discuss how identity politics and the civil rights revolution of the 1960s has been hijacked and weaponized by America’s elite institutions, leading to the “late-stage of the republic” we find ourselves in now. 60 years later, dissenting views on the left’s central pieties of race, gender, and identity are now considered hate speech and a “threat to democracy.” How do we reclaim moral and cultural sanity? Can we “laugh in their cathedral” of identity politics and live to tell about it? In one of the most important discussions we’ve had on The Charlie Kirk Show, today’s episode will help you make sense of the performative public morality cult that has taken control of mainstream American culture and give you tools to fight pack.

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