Calculating the MAGA Coefficient in Congress with Rep. Matt Gaetz & Devin Nunes


As Midterms continue to creep ahead at a rapid rate and analysis of the GOP’s “Red Wave” continues to mount as aggressively across most conservative commentary, Charlie continues to needle in on a question we’ve not seen asked by any other program: what are the benefits of a Narrow MAGA majority vs. a Sweeping GOP Landslide? Congressman Matt Gaetz from Florida’s First Congressional District joins Charlie to discuss the pros and cons of each. They also talk leadership races, agenda, and Democrats’ hopes in light of the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs. Next, CEO of TRUTH Social and Former Congressman Devin Nunes joins Charlie to weigh in on that and much more, including breaking news about Igor Danchenko, John Durham, Russian Collusion, and his insider analysis of it all. He also shares updates on the growth of TRUTH Social and what the former president’s platform is doing to differentiate itself from other silicon valley competitors. 

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