What Happened to the Country We Grew Up In?


In an episode featuring two very dynamic and intelligent guests who join Charlie for gripping interviews, a common theme emerges. Despite being just 28 years old, Charlie is left asking the question millions of you likely ask yourself every day as the nation continues to descend into chaos and despair, “what happened to the America I used to know?” With so much changing in such a rapid period of time, it can make your head spin. But thankfully, Kurt Schlicter—Senior Columnist at Townhall—has a new book out, “We’ll Be Back: The Fall and Rise of America” which documents our descent and prescribes our rebirth, and he and Charlie walk through all of that and more. Next, Jack Posobiec joins Charlie to discuss the latest news out of Uvalde and the raw emotion is palpable as Jack shares new details outlining the inexcusable inaction of the police on the scene. 

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