The 3 Types of Churches—LIVE from Mercy Culture Church in Fort Worth, Texas


Charlie and Pastor Rob McCoy address Mercy Culture Church in Fort Worth, Texas. Charlie begins by outlining the three types of churches: 1) Courageous churches that are standing up for truth both inside the walls of the church and outside in the public square; 2) Cowardly churches that abdicate political and policy debates because they’re fearful of the blowback from taking a stand; and 3) the Complicit churches that are actually helping the woke left advance their diabolical agenda. In the full pastor panel including Landon and Heather Schott, things get revved up in a Q+A segment that you won’t want to miss, where they cover questions including: How do you share the truth without being so controversial? What to do with the trans agenda? What to do with CRT and America history? What is coming down the pike with Roe v. Wade? And so much more! 

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