Why the Smartest People on the Left Are Leaving with Greg Gutfeld


Charlie welcomes the new King of late night, host of “Gutfeld!” and cohost of “The Five,” Greg Gutfeld for a conversation LIVE at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit for a long-form conversation documenting Greg’s success, and what it portends for the wider cultural moment we’re all experiencing together. Greg begins by explaining why he believes his show has been so successful, why the snobs in Hollywood ignore him and act like he doesn’t exist, and why the smartest people on the left like Joe Rogan, Matt Taibbi, Bill Maher, Glenn Greenwald, Russell Brand, and so many others are leaving the left. Greg also asks the entertainer’s most profound question: Would you rather have an Emmy or an audience? Greg also gives his very practical advice for how young influencers and aspiring writers and entertainers can take the next step in their careers—and as one of the most successful people on television, you should listen (for the love of God, pronounce your Ts).

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