The IRS Gets Weaponized & West Point Goes Woke — In Depth with Rep. Matt Gaetz & Tom Fitton


Up first—US Representative & Florida Man Matt Gaetz joins the program to fill Charlie in on the hypocrisy behind the IRS buying 700,000 dollars worth of ammunition while The Democrat Party actively attempts to strip law-abiding, American citizens of their Second Amendment rights. Congressman Gaetz calls out Republicans for not reining in the Biden Regime’s gun-grabbing policies and instead supporting red flag laws. Next, Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton and Charlie sound off on the CRT curriculum infiltrating West Point and the woke mission creep infecting the United States Military. They discuss the future of our Armed Forces and how to save one of the last, most pivotal pillars of our society. They also dive into missing J6 footage that Judicial Watch has been trying to uncover from day one and Tom gives an after-action report on the Durham Probe. Lastly, Charlie unpacks the rapidly evolving and increasingly disgusting updates out of Uvalde and why he hates that this program was right from the start about the police response to that tragedy.

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