Ask Charlie Anything 109: Juneteenth? Conservatism vs. Libertarianism? FDA and Childhood Vaccines? And MORE


Charlie takes the questions you email him at [email protected] including:

What values is America exporting around the world? Do we have to save the world from the values we are exporting especially as embassies across the globe are flying pride and BLM flags instead of the American flag? Charlie breaks down the State Department’s “equity plan” that is now in effect everywhere the State Department’s diversity, equity, and inclusion officer has authority. What do you do as a parent now that the FDA is recommending a vaccine for toddlers? What is Charlie’s take on Juneteenth and why is TPUSA not acknowledging it as an organizational holiday? Is it America’s second Independence Day or an assault on July 4th’s unity? Finally, what is the difference between conservatism and libertarianism? 

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