Migrant Mayhem on Martha's Vineyard: How a "PR Stunt" Nationalized the Illegal Alien Crisis


In a surprising turn of events, given the left’s constant virtue signaling surrounding the issues of immigration, minorities, and refugees, Charlie unpacks the news that the bucolic island enclave off the coast of Massachusetts known as Martha’s Vineyard—with its overwhelmingly white, liberal, ultra-wealthy populace—has decided that 50 illegal aliens shipped into their community courtesy of Ron DeSantis constituted a “humanitarian crisis” of epic proportions and thus necessitated their immediate deportation to a military base in Cape Cod…all in less than 24 hours. Charlie continues to walk through the merits of this political maneuver by DeSantis, Abbott, and others, highlighting along the way all of the spastic responses by many on the left—including Gavin Newsom, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and everyone in between—and demonstrating the virtue of using the left’s book of rules against them as a way to nationalize this crisis in a way the left has been desperately seeking to avoid with 50 days until the November Midterms. 

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