The GOP Goes For Your Guns


In the words of Charlie— “What a difference a day makes.” Last night, 14 Senate Republicans voted to advance gun-grabbing legislation, which would put every law-abiding citizen in danger of losing their God-given rights. Charlie unpacks that outrageous Red Flag laws that are in complete opposition to the Constitution, a direct violation of due process, and could very likely result in veterans, parents labeled as “domestic terrorists,” and everyday people being stripped of their guns. Charlie calls out Republicans who turned on their voters and took advantage of the power given to them, and he warns listeners about what could be next from the Regime-pandering politicians. Violent crime on the rise, food shortages, gas prices building… what else can we expect? He also dives into the breaking story of Andrew Gillum, who failed in his run against Governor Ron DeSantis, being charged with 21 felonies connected to his campaign.

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