The Battle for the American Mind with Pete Hegseth


Charlie welcomes Fox News Host, Pete Hegseth, and author of the new, critically important book, “The Battle for the American Mind: Uprooting a Century of Miseducation.” Charlie and Pete discuss the status of American “miseducation” including the 1619 Project, CRT, social emotional learning, and the corruption of nearly every educational institution across the country. What do Francis Willard, the progressives of the early 20th century, John Dewey, and others have to tell us about the state of American education? Pete outlines how patriotic Americans and even the birth of “Make America Great Again” were born out the fumes of an educational system that no longer exists. Culturally and educationally, Pete outlines why the progressive left has moved ahead of where the culture currently stands, but that they are still pumping out future voters. So how do we stop the slide into cultural Marxism that is still running full steam ahead via the indoctrination of the next generation? Pete and Charlie break down the new educational “insurgency” and how the seeds of conservatives’ own long march through the institutions has already begun. Plus, Pete and Charlie ask the provocative question: Is it time to engage in a tactical retreat and give up on government schools altogether? 

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