Charlie Kirk vs. Bernie Sanders' Fmr Press Secretary Briahna Joy Gray—Debate Night by Turning Point USA


Charlie welcome Bernie Sanders’ fmr. Press Secretary, Briahna Joy Gray, for a debate night, sponsored by Turning Point USA. Briahna and Charlie debate whether or not America is a systemically racist country. In what begins as a fairly heated debate, Charlie and Briahna discuss red-lining, prison populations, disparities vs. discriminations, and does America have a two-tiered justice system. How much are the wealth disparities between white and black communities owed to racism or to other issues like two parent households and other variables? What about black-only graduations or black-only dorms? What is the proper way to view the Founding Fathers? Should they be viewed by their flaws? Or should they be viewed by their progress made against sins such as slavery? In a sometimes heated but always substantive discussion between two diametrically opposed debaters, this is a must listen to discussion that strikes at the very heart of some of America’s most painful and important issues.  

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