Woke Students at Maine University Demand Prof Be Fired After Telling Class There are Just Two Sexes

Woke Students at Maine University Demand Prof Be Fired After Telling Class There are Just Two Sexes

Woke students at the University of Southern Maine are pushing for an education professor to be fired for speaking a biological fact: That there are only two sexes in the human race.

As reported by the UK’s Daily Mail, students are calling on the university to cancel education Prof. Christy Hammer after making the statement during a heated debate over gender identity in her “Creating a Positive Learning Environment” class featuring graduate students.

While only one student agreed with the professor, the other 21 did not and walked out of her class in disgust, the outlet said, adding:

The point was first made during class on September 7, but was repeated a week later after student Elizabeth Leibiger, who is non-binary and was absent the previous week, brought up the topic again. 

She then said she felt ‘under personal attack’ after the professor again said only two sexes exist.

‘I asked [Hammer] how many sexes there were,’ Leibiger said. ‘She said, ‘Two.’ I felt under personal attack.’

Again, and for the record, regardless of how someone “identifies,” there are only two biological sexes, so obviously the professor was right; the triggered student was not.

“I let her know I didn’t think she was qualified to teach a class about positive learning environments,” Leibiger said, according to Fox News. “It’s the ultimate irony.”

Ultimately, the facilitated restorative justice meeting was held but students told Campus Reform that Hammer refused to budge and stood firm in the factual, scientific knowledge that there are only two sexes, male and female, period. But because of that, nearly two dozen grad students later demanded that the university fire Hammer.

Interim Provost Adam Tuchinsky told the Bangor Daily News, “We are aware of this situation and are taking steps to provide students with the support needed.”

On Monday, university officials told the Bangor Daily News that an “alternative” section for the class, which is a requirement grad students, would be made, adding that Hammer is not going to be fired.

“We have developed an alternative plan for this class and will be opening a new section of this course for those students who would like to move,” a university spokesperson said. “The original section taught by Professor Hammer will continue for any student who wishes to remain in that class.”

Meanwhile, roughly 1,806 people signed a petition demanding the university “support Professor Christy Hammer and Biological Fact.”

“A university that cannot teach facts because students find them too hard to handle is useless as an educational institution. We the undersigned ask USM President Jacqueline Edmondson, Interim Provost Adam Tuchinsky and Chair of the Teacher Education Department Flynn Ross to stand firmly behind Professor Hammer and issue a public statement to the effect that she will neither be replaced nor required to stop stating the fact that sex in humans is binary,” the petition states.


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