Woke Elementary School Teacher In Utah Keeps Job After Boasting Classroom 'Built For Non-White Students'

Woke Elementary School Teacher In Utah Keeps Job After Boasting Classroom 'Built For Non-White Students'

A woke fourth-grade teacher in Utah is back to work following a brief suspension after posting a video to social media claiming her classroom is structured for “non-white students.”

The teacher, who has not been named in order to protect her privacy and identity, was put back on the job after an investigation by the school district found she had not committed any “policy or legal violations.”

As reported by the UK’s Daily Mail, the teacher was suspended after posting a video discussing her new role at William Penn Elementary School in Mill Creek, Utah, in August.

“For the first time in my life I am teaching at a majority white school and I’m kind of interested to see how students and parents react to my classroom or if they even notice anything about it because it’s built for non-white students,” she said in the video.

“If you look around and you interact with some of the materials I have, you’ll notice there’s no white kids represented,” the teacher added.

The Daily Mail noted further:

After the posting went viral, Dr. Nichole Higgins, the school’s principal, called the teacher’s statement ‘very disconcerting’ and said ‘it is inappropriate for any employee to make students feel unwelcome in any way, shape, or form.’

But the teacher has now been cleared of rule-breaking or law-breaking, and will be allowed to keep her job. She will likely be moved to another school in the district, and issued a groveling apology over her virtue-signaling behavior.ย 

Several parents reacted angrily to the post.

“When woke white people become the racist. She shouldn’t be allowed within 500 [yards] of any school let alone teach at one. Wow. Sick of these idiots,” one of them wrote on the school district’s Facebook page.

According to ABC 4 News in Salt Lake City, Granite School District officials did not find “any policy or legal violations” or “instances of discrimination of any kind within the employee’s classroom or students.”

School district officials also told the news outlet that “employees on their own time and personal lives have free speech rights.”

Nevertheless, the district noted that they had “disciplined the employee as appropriate and consistent with the findings of the investigation.” Also, district officials shared a letter of apology that the teacher reportedly wrote.

“I sincerely regret the disruption brought to the school, faculty, community, families and above all, my students. The expectations in my class are to be safe, responsible and respectful. I built my classroom for all learners and to be welcoming of all families,” said the teacher.

“I have and will continue to ensure that every student feels welcome and represented in my classroom, and I strive to provide an inclusive environment and to ensure the safety and comfort of all my students,” the teacher added. “I also want to reiterate the importance of parental engagement and welcome their involvement in the education of their children. I am committed to adhering to state and district approved standards, curriculum, and materials to ensure the success of my students.”


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