Woke College Prof Crosses Line, Says Wishes Queen Elizabeth ‘Excruciating Pain’ on Her Death Bed

Woke College Prof Crosses Line, Says Wishes Queen Elizabeth ‘Excruciating Pain’ on Her Death Bed

While the now-late Queen Elizabeth of Britain reigned for seven decades and was beloved by hundreds of millions worldwide, leave it to woke left-wing academics in the U.S. to trash her before news of her death had spread very far.

In fact, a Twitter post from Pittsburgh-based Carnegie Mellon University Professor Uju Anya was so disgusting and over-the-top hateful, the platform actually took it down.

“I heard the chief monarch of a thieving raping genocidal empire is finally dying. May her pain be excruciating,” Anya wrote, according to reports.

After receiving much-deserved backlash, Anya doubled down because that’s what lefist haters do.

“If anyone expects me to express anything but disdain for the monarch who supervised a government that sponsored the genocide that massacred and displaced half my family and the consequences of which those alive today are still trying to overcome, you can keep wishing upon a star,” she noted. “That wretched woman and her bloodthirsty throne have f***** generations of my ancestors on both sides of the family, and she supervised a government that sponsored the genocide my parents and siblings survived. May she die in agony.”

“This is someone supposedly working to make the world better?” Amazon founder Jeff Bezos tweeted in response. “I don’t think so. Wow.”

“This is what a complete lack of emotional intelligence & a heart full of hate looks like,” British model Jemma Palmer said. “Don’t be like @UjuAnya. Be a better human.”

Journalist Piers Morgan added: “You vile disgusting moron,” according to the Daily Mail.

“Don’t expect that of you but do expect common decency, respect for such a loss. If you cannot give that at this time, you are a disgraceful a human being,” another Twitter user said.

“You are just so uncouth and manner-less. You speak of someone who just passed with such a vile and disdaining comment,” said another.

The university, at least, did the right thing, with a Carnegie Mellon spokesperson distancing the institution from Anya, saying it does “not condone the offensive and objectionable messages.”

“Free expression is core to the mission of higher education, however, the views she shared absolutely do not represent the values of the institution, nor the standards of discourse we seek to foster,” the spokesperson added.

The Daily Mail added:

The ‘anti racist’ professor has faced allegations of racism in the past for the words she has used online – and in one instance, the Foundational Black American organization created a petition to get her removed from Carnegie Mellon University.

Anya, who claims to be an expert in ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion,’ was called out for using an ethnic slur, which means ‘cotton pickers’ or ‘wild animals.’

The petition to get her fired garnered nearly 800 signatures. 

“Dr. Uju Anya can not be allowed to use the platform of Carnegie Mellon University Department of Modern Languages to further promote systemic racism through her blatant use of ethnic slurs on social media when referring to Foundational Black Americans,” the petition read. “This is a step backward in our fight to destroy systemic racism and discrimination for all people if institutions allow professors to become comfortable with using language as a weapon against people of color by people of color.

“Society MUST hold all people accountable equally and we call on Carnegie Mellon University to take action against this type of egregious behavior to protect the reputation and integrity of the Higher Learning Institution,” the petition added.

And for the record: Under the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, Britain underwent extensive decolonization as the once formidable empire shrank to its present state, it wasn’t expanded. If anything, Anya needs a history lesson.


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