Woke Billionaires Keep up Their Hypocrisy

Woke Billionaires Keep up Their Hypocrisy

The ominous trend of left-wing billionaires and woke corporations telling us how to think or what to say is only intensifying. Hiring standards are shifting, free speech is eroding and meritocracy is in retreat. The billionaires and CEOs have sent a clear message—unless we wish to be canceled, labeled extremists, banned from social media and branded as unemployable, we dare not question their prevailing wisdom on a host of issues ranging from critical race theory to transgender rights to matters of climate and energy.

CNBC reported a good example last week. Under the headline, “James Murdoch spent $100 million to help fund political causes during 2020 election cycle,” it reported that according to 2019 tax returns, James, who last year was driven out of the Murdoch family business due to “disagreements over certain editorial content,” and his wife Kathryn donated $100 million in Disney stock to their 501(c)(3) Quadrivium, for the purpose of funding various political and activist activities.

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