Whoopi Goldberg Goes on Bizarre Pro-Abortion Rant

Whoopi Goldberg Goes on Bizarre Pro-Abortion Rant

The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg went on another pro-abortion rant on Thursday morning’s edition of the long-running show, saying that religious viewpoints shouldn’t matter on the current abortion debate.

“This is an uncomfortable conservation that we have to have: At what point does a baby in the womb have rights separate from the mother?” asked Alyssa Farah-Griffin, who worked for the Trump administration during its time in the White House.

“Listen, it doesn’t matter what you think — when you think it is. If I don’t think that that’s when it is —” Goldberg said, continuing “Listen, I don’t have to tell you. It’s your decision what you do with your body, and how your family runs. And for me, I don’t care what your religious beliefs are.”

Farah-Griffin said that it’s not a religious debate, but a philosophical debate. “This is all based on religion,” said Goldberg. “When does the baby in the womb have rights?”

Goldberg said last week that she believed that abortion should be between a doctor, the other, and “the child.”

“Everybody wants to tell me what to do, but you won’t let me make my decision about my body,” Whoopi said.

“You are not the person to make that decision,” she concluded. “My doctor, myself, and my child, that’s who makes the decision.”


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