Whistleblower Says China Deliberately Released Virus in October 2019 at International Military Games

Whistleblower Says China Deliberately Released Virus in October 2019 at International Military Games

During an interview in a new Sky News documentary, a whistleblower has “sensationally claimed China deliberately spread Covid at a military tournament two months before the rest of the world knew about the deadly virus” reports the Daily Mail.

The international tournament for military athletes took place in Wuhan in 2019, only two months before China released information to the World Health Organization (WHO) about its first cases of COVID-19.

The Daily Mail reports:

Ex-Chinese Communist Party insider Wei Jingsheng said The World Military Games in October 2019 — two months before China told the World Health Organization about the first cases — could have acted as the virus’ first super-spreader event…

…Mr Jingsheng claimed it was no coincidence some of the 9,000 international athletes who gathered for the event reportedly became sick with a mystery illness.

 ‘I thought the Chinese government would take this opportunity to spread the virus during the Military Games, as many foreigners would show up there,’ he told the new Sky News documentary What Really Happened in Wuhan.

 The whistleblower claimed he had heard of the Chinese government carrying out an ‘unusual exercise’ during the games.

 [I knew] of the possibility of the Chinese government using some strange weapons, including biological weapons, because I knew they were doing experiments of that sort,’ he said. 

 Jingsheng’s claims were supported by the former Principal China Adviser to the US State Department Miles Yu who said French, German and American athletes were among those to fall ill at the tournament with Covid-like symptoms, but were never tested for the virus.

Further support comes from ex-US State Department Covid-19 investigator David Asher who said, “we see some indications in our own data…that there was Covid circulating in the United States as early as early December, possibly earlier than that.”

Jingsheng was exiled to the United States “years earlier” but said he was aware of “what was happening through Beijing Communist Party insiders who shared their fears about the situation and described the central government cover-up.”

Jingsheng also claims he tried to alert senior figures in the Trump administration in November of 2019, but was ignored. “They may not believe that a government of a country would do something like that (cover up a virus), so I kept repeating myself in an effort … to persuade them” he said.

The Daily Mail confirms, “Any references made in social media about a new SARS virus or ‘outbreak’ were censored and brave medical staff who tried to speak out and warn the world were detained and forced to sign false confessions of panic-stirring.”


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