What Could Go Wrong? 'Killer Robots' Approved for Police Use in San Francisco

What Could Go Wrong? 'Killer Robots' Approved for Police Use in San Francisco

In yet another fit of lunacy, the Democrats who run San Francisco have agreed to a horrific new plan proposed by their police department.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors, in a move that is unprecedented, has agreed to allow the SFPD to operate robots armed with explosives.

In a proposal, the department claimed that the robots would be utilized only to breach buildings or “contact, incapacity, or disorient violent, armed, or dangerous” suspects when innocent lives are at stake. The board’s initial approval must now be passed again by a second vote of the supervisors and then be signed off on by Mayor London Breed before the robots can be deployed and utilized, the Daily Wire reported.

“Some of the supervisors said they are concerned police will disproportionately use lethal robots on black and other people of color,” The Week reported, naturally bringing a racial element into the equation.

Supervisor Connie Chan stated, “According to state law, we are required to approve the use of these equipments. So here we are, and it’s definitely not a[n] easy discussion.”

Shamann Wilson, the Board of Supervisors president, claimed, “Most law enforcement weapons are used against people of color. I’m really just stunned that we’re here talking about this.”

Under the plan, only three senior SFPD officials can authorize the use of the ‘killer robots’ and then, only after other takedown measures have failed or were deemed ineffective.

“If I was in charge, and I had that capability, it wouldn’t be the first on my menu. But it would be an option if things were really bad,” former Los Angeles Police Department Lieutenant Adam Bercovici told The Washington Post.

Officials with the Oakland Police Department also considered the killer robot concept but shelved the idea following harsh reactions from the public.

“The only known use of lethal robots by a U.S. police department was in Dallas in 2016, when police used a robot armed with explosives to kill a sniper who had ambushed and killed five officers,” The Week noted.

The sniper was caught in a parking garage and killed after police deployed a robot-operated pound of C-4 explosive. The C-4 was ‘delivered’ on target by extending a robotic arm toward the suspect.

At the time, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said: “You have to trust your people to make the calls. We believe that we saved lives by making this decision. I appreciate critics, but they’re not on the ground, their lives are not being put at risk by debating what tactics to take.”


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