‘We’re Going To Have A Bad Night’: Dem Strategist Predicts Doom And Gloom For Midterms

‘We’re Going To Have A Bad Night’: Dem Strategist Predicts Doom And Gloom For Midterms

A noted Democratic strategist has made a dire prediction for his party following Tuesday’s midterm elections.

In a Sunday interview, strategist Hilary Rosen said that because members of her party failed to “listen to voters,” they will see disastrous midterm election results.

Rosen made her prediction during a panel discussion hosted by CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union” in which she said Democrats were going to have “a bad night” on Tuesday after failing to craft midterm election messages based on voters’ actual concerns, namely the economy and inflation, not abortion or ‘MAGA extremism.’

Rosen started off by explaining that while she considered herself to be a “loyal Democrat,” she was not at all enthused about the way the party’s leadership chose the campaign messaging in the months leading up to Tuesday’s elections.

“I’m a loyal Democrat, but I am not happy. I just think that we are — we did not listen to voters in this election and I think we are going to have a bad night,” Rosen said, adding there was no time left to adjust messaging before Tuesday before warning Democrats to learn from the results she expects to see.

“You know, this conversation’s not going to have much impact on Tuesday, but I hope it has an impact going forward,” Rosen continued. “Because when voters tell you over and over and over again that they care mostly about the economy, listen to them! Stop talking about democracy being at stake! Democracy is at stake because people are fighting so much about what elections mean. I mean, voters have told us what they wanted to hear, and I don’t think Democrats have delivered this cycle.”

CNN’s Bakari Sellers, meanwhile, went on to say that while the national messaging may have been off, some individual Democrats are running good campaigns including Sen. Mark Kelly in Arizona.

“Mark Kelly is popular,” Rosen agreed, adding: “But [Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate] Kari Lake is more popular. And the combination of Kari Lake’s popularity and Joe Biden’s unpopularity is going to hurt Mark Kelly. And so I think we’re going to — we’re in trouble because of the top of the ticket.”

As for Lake, she responded on Sunday after her campaign headquarters office was targeted by what she described as a “terroristic” attack on Friday, when staffers were exposed to a suspicious white powdery substance that was mailed along with a profanity-laced message.

“Yesterday, a member of the Kari Lake staff opened an envelope delivered to our campaign office that contained suspicious white powder. It was one of two envelopes that were confiscated by law enforcement and sent to professionals at Quantico for examination, and we are awaiting details. The staff member is currently under medical supervision,” her campaign said.

“Just two days before Election Day, our campaign headquarters remains shut down. We look forward to law enforcement completing their investigation as quickly as possible. Rest assured, we are taking this security threat incredibly seriously and we are thankful for the Phoenix PD, FBI, first responders, bomb squad, and HazMat crews that responded to this incident. In the meantime, know that our resolve has never been higher and we cannot be intimidated. We continue to push full speed ahead to win this election on Tuesday,” the campaign added.


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