WATCH: Tucker Rips Mask Mandates in Epic Monologue, Says Masks on Kids “Child Abuse”

WATCH: Tucker Rips Mask Mandates in Epic Monologue, Says Masks on Kids “Child Abuse”

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson went on an epic rant last night, calling masks on kids “child abuse” and slamming health “experts” like Dr. Anthony Fauci for now admitting the risk of catching COVID outdoors is “miniscule.” 

The outspoken host also went on to cite studies claiming there was “no scientific justification” for mask mandates.

Carlson says concerns about how masks have harmed children is a “question that no one asked. And we should all be troubled by.”

“A physician called Dr. Mary Harrow told the Colorado Springs school board that, ‘the data [are] overwhelming’ on this topic.”

“Masks, she said, can, ‘Cause low oxygen and high carbon dioxide levels, shortness of breath, toxicity, inflammation, increased stress hormones and sugar in the body, and create fear, anxiety, headaches, compromised cognitive performance and other problems.’ Did you really need a medical degree to know that? People need fresh air, especially children. Deprive them of fresh air, and you hurt them. You knew that, we all knew that, it is obvious.”

Carlson also ripped Dr. Anthony Fauci for his recent flip flop on mask-wearing outdoors. 

“’It’s pretty common sense now that outdoor risk is really, really, quite low,’ says Dr. Fauci. Really? So why didn’t Dr. Fauci tell us this? Fauci himself clearly knew this was true. You saw him at a baseball game without a mask. He wasn’t worried. And for good reason.”

The Fox News host also cited studies that show it was nearly impossible to trace a COVID outbreak to an outdoor event.

“There’s no scientific justification for any of it,” he said.  “The idea that people are being told, being forced, to wear masks outside should shock us. There was never any risk of mass transmission outdoors. We’ve known that for at least a year. Last spring, researchers in China traced 318 separate coronavirus outbreaks to find out where they originated, and how. Of those 318 outbreaks, only a single one could plausibly be connected to a person who was outside. All the rest were indoors. Last November, a review of all existing peer-reviewed research on this subject appeared in the Journal of Infectious Diseases. That review found that the odds of contracting the virus outdoors were about 19 times lower than the risk of contracting it inside. In April, researchers in Japan came to the same conclusion.”

Watch the monologue:

Hollywood Hypocrites: Oscars Won't Require Masks for Attendees

The Oscars reportedly will not require attendees to wear masks during the awards show because it is being treated as a television or film production.

Fox News reports:

A virtual meeting featuring Academy representatives, nominees and studio and personal publicists, which took place earlier this week, revealed that due to the fact the awards show is being held at the famed Union Station in downtown Los Angeles — and is being treated as a television or film production — masks will not be required for folks who appear on camera during Sunday’s telecast, according to Variety.

Attendees will have had to pass at least three coronavirus tests prior to the event and undergo a temperature check before admittance.

The red carpet experience will be different, with only three photographers allowed.

Hollywood director Steven Soderbergh is producing the event and says masks will play a “very important role in the story.”

“If that’s cryptic, it’s meant to be,” he said during a recent press conference. “But that topic is very central to the narrative.”

Oscars producer Jesse Collins said, “The impact of Covid-19 will be highlighted throughout the show and masks will play a very important role in the story that the ceremony is trying to convey.”

When not on camera, attendees will be required to wear masks because apparently, COVID-19 only affects those who are not being filmed.

For the full story, click HERE.


FAT FINE: NYC to impose up to $1000 in fines for not wearing mask

After the largest coronavirus spike New York City has seen since June, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday that he will implement fines for city-goers who refuse to wear face coverings.

And he’s not messing around.

If you’re caught without a mask, the according fines could be as high as $1000, according to NPR.

City personnel will hand out free masks to anyone who is not wearing a face covering, the mayor said.

“Anyone who refuses to wear a face-covering will be told that if they don’t put one on, they will be fined,” de Blasio said. The new implementation will be effective immediately and on a large scale.

“Our goal, of course, is to give everyone a free face mask and get them to wear it. We don’t want to fine people,” said de Blasio.

While the city is seeing a tremendous increase in cases throughout its entirety, the main uptick is occurring primarily in nine zip codes in Brooklyn and Queens, including areas with tight-knit Orthodox Jewish Communities. Health officials are emphasizing outreach to these communities, according to NPR.

The cases in these nine zip codes account for 25% of the city’s overall cases, even though they only host seven percent of the overall city’s population, according to New York City’s health commissioner Dave Chokshi. This concentration will become a key focus in efforts to decrease the transmission of the disease.

To enforce this new mandate, every agency in the city will play a role, according to the mayor, including the Sheriff’s Office and the New York Police Department.


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