WATCH: Trans Person Seeks Life Coaching Advice From Charlie Kirk

WATCH: Trans Person Seeks Life Coaching Advice From Charlie Kirk

A transgendered person who said they were born a biological male but began taking puberty blockers around age 11 sought out some counsel and advice recently from Turning Point USA co-founder and executive director Charlie Kirk.

The person confronted Kirk on May 3 at a meet-and-greet table he set up on the campus of the University of California-Berkeley, inviting students to come talk to him.

Among those who did was the biological male who had transitioned and presented as female, he told Kirk, saying that he presented as more feminine though he had been born male.

“I gotta say I’m pretty confused,” he began. “I kinda wanna tell you about my situation, because I’ve been a little confused lately about myself.”

“I came here, and I’ve been considering things a lot more, and, you know, I kinda present a little more feminine, but I actually was born a man, and I wanted to know … what your thoughts are on, like, me. What path do you think I should go down?” the transgendered female student asked.

“Okay, so you’re born a man,” Kirk said, “so XY chromosomes. Did you go through surgery?”

The student, who acknowledged that pronouns were still being worked out, told the TPUSA co-founder that they had not yet undergone any surgery, but again, had been taking puberty blockers since being a tweener.

On that note, some doctors have expressed increasing concerns about providing young children with such treatments, including transgender and “gender-affirming” Dr. Marcy Bowers. That includes concerns about those who start taking puberty blockers at young ages can miss the biological window to develop into sexual maturity in their biological sex.

After the student noted that they hadn’t gone through puberty as a male, Kirk asked if the student regretted that.

“I don’t know if it’s gotten to that point yet,” the student replied.

“It’s a toughie, right, because you can’t reverse it, right?” Kirk asked.

“If I stop taking them completely it will be reversed,” the student said, adding that “I will eventually go through male puberty, and become a man, which I am considering.”

“I’m not here to tell you what to do with your life,” Kirk replied, suggesting that the individual “might give prayer a try. ”

Kirk did say, however, that he thought “that living with your natural design will give you more peace.”

The TPUSA boss then signed the student’s arm and both parted ways on good terms.



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