WATCH: Steve Bannon Encourages Young Men to Get Involved to Change Culture

WATCH: Steve Bannon Encourages Young Men to Get Involved to Change Culture

War Room host Steve Bannon encouraged young men to “get involved” in the conservative movement to help turn the tides in American politics.

In an interview with Benny Johnson, Bannon spoke out to men in their 20s, saying: “I think you have to go out and get as many experiences throughout the world. Don’t lock yourself into any one thing in the 20s.”

He said that men should consider joining the military, though he said that today’s woke military culture it makes that decision more difficult.

“You can’t, particularly with a young man, you cannot ever take away that military experience in your 20s,” he said. “I tell people all the time, I’ve had the opportunity to meet the powerful and wealthy throughout the world and the United States. I don’t meet one wealthy guy in the United States, when I’m talking to him that’s in his 50s or 60s that doesn’t say, ‘hey, I wish I had actually gone into the service or done something along that lines.'””And I understand today in the woke nature of it’s very, very difficult,” he said.

“For those in their 20s, get as many experiences in as many places of the world, in many different situations. Get out of your comfort zone. Get out of your comfort zone and learn about yourself. You’re only going to find out about who you really are in those situations and what you’re going to find out, most important, is how to, what I call, fall back on yourself,” Bannon said.

“Remember, in life, the house’s seven to five against all the time. Everything’s a struggle, and you’re gonna lose a lot more than you’re gonna win.

“But you got to learn how to build off how to mitigate how bad the losses are, number one, and number two, how to build and learn. When you say wisdom, that’s where it comes from.

“It comes from just doing enough things and understanding it’s not all going to be perfect. It’s not going to work out to be perfect,” he continued.

He then went into an analogy about the First Duke of Wellington, who fought against Napoleon.

“Wellington used to tell his young officers, and Wellington was probably the guy that trained officers, the best young men, the best — and this is why he was so revered in the British army. When he was in Spain fighting the peninsula — in Portugal fighting the Peninsular War for many, many years against Napoleon. It was, you know, it’s a very rolling, mountainous, and he would sit there and call young officers to the front to ride up to the front with him, he’d say, I want you to tell me what’s on the other side of the hill,” Bannon said.

“And he’d force them to think, they would say, what are you talking about? No, tell me exactly what the topography… and he forced them to think, and that’s one thing I keep telling young people when we train them, think what’s over the other side of the hill. Take whatever endeavor you’re doing and take time every day to think about what is downrange, what’s the next 30 days, what’s the next 60 days, what’s the next 90 days, what’s the next six months?

“What is on the other side of the hill and train yourself for that,” he said.

Bannon told young people to “commit.”

“You have to give part of your being, part of your spirit, part of what you are. Not money, you don’t need to write checks,” he said.

“What you need to do is commit. Once you commit, once you commit, you’re going to find that, it’s a famous saying, once you commit you’re going to find books… podcasts, people, join an organization, you’ll have so many more experiences and so much more camaraderie,” Bannon said.

“Just commit to something in the patriot cause, whatever it is, and whatever skill set you bring, and you’re going to change it. Whether that’s going to a school board, whether it’s becoming an election poll, whether it’s helping at a more senior level than that, whatever skill you have, whatever aspect you can put to the patriot cause, it’s what’s going to change.”


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