WATCH: NY Cop Shoves, Handcuffs EMT As She Attends Patient After Dinging His Car

WATCH: NY Cop Shoves, Handcuffs EMT As She Attends Patient After Dinging His Car

A Rochester, N.Y. police officer is in some hot water after an incident caught on video involving his treatment of an Emergency Medical Technician during the performance of her duties.

According to a video posted online, the officer is seen dragging away an EMT from her patient after she allegedly dinged his car with an ambulance door and tried to arrest her.

The Daily Wire reports:

According to reporter Jennifer Lewke, the officer — an investigator with the Rochester Police Department — had parked his own vehicle in the ambulance bay and then attempted to arrest the EMT after she hit that vehicle while opening the ambulance door to unload a patient for treatment at the hospital.

“A @RochesterNYPD investigator parked his car in the ambulance bay at Strong, an EMT from @MonroeAmbNY hit the door while unloading a patient,” Lewke tweeted, sharing video of the officer approaching the EMT inside the hospital. “The investigator insisted on ID, the EMT insisted on bringing the patient inside. This is exclusive video of what happened next.”


One Twitter user offered another explanation for what happened.

“The reporting on the incident in the video is incorrect. The EMT was grabbed by the investigator while performing her duties, shoved up against a counter, arms twisted behind her for cuffing, & then forcibly removed from the room. All because a cop parked where ambulances park,” the user wrote.

Lewke noted further that the EMT was released after a supervisor arrived to deal with the situation. She also reported that the officer involved is now under investigation and off the streets.

“Regarding the video in prior tweets: The officer has been placed on desk duty while RPD conducts an internal investigation. The EMT was released from the handcuffs when a supervisor arrived and was not charged or ticketed,” she added in a subsequent tweet.

Rochester Police Chief David M. Smith also released a statement on the incident.

“I have high expectations for all members of the Rochester Police Department. Obviously, this incident is deeply concerning to me. As a result of this interaction at Strong Hospital, I have directed our Professional Standards Section to initiate an internal investigation,” he began.

The chief confirmed that the officer has been placed on administrative duties pending the outcome of an investigation.

“As chief, I demand the members of the Rochester Police Department perform their duties in a professional manner. And as such, we must hold ourselves to a higher standard of accountability,” Smith added.

The ambulance company, Monroe Ambulance, also released a statement supporting their staffer while noting that the officer’s actions endangered the EMT and the patient.

“Our employee demonstrated sound decision making by prioritizing the care of the patient and it is the expectation of all our care providers to do the same,” the statement said.

“Furthermore, we do not believe the behavior of the officer aligns with the values of RPD leadership and should in no way condemn the rest of the brave brothers and sisters in blue. We are eager to learn of the outcome of RPD’s official investigation,” the statement continued.


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