WATCH: Masked Teacher’s Union Official Appears to Struggle for Air While Arguing for Mandatory Masks in Schools

WATCH: Masked Teacher’s Union Official Appears to Struggle for Air While Arguing for Mandatory Masks in Schools

A mask-wearing teachers union official in Idaho Falls, Idaho appeared to struggle for air and nearly passed out as she argued the importance of mandating that children wear masks while attending in-person education.

America’s Frontline Doctors writes, “National File‘s Tom Pappert reported that when Board of Trustees Chairwoman Lara Hill declared the mask mandate must remain because ‘The CDC is recommending that all phases of schools reopening, no matter what the community transmission is like, (is) to continue masking so you can stay in school.’ She was questioned by Trustee Paul Haacke, who asked how many times the CDC visited schools in the district.”

It was at this point that a heated Board of Trustees member Elizabeth Cogliati interjected.

“They make recommendations for the entire country based on their knowledge and their understanding of what is best for everyone. They don’t need to visit our school district to make recommendations for everyone and they currently have recommendations out that with the current level of transmission…that we should be in hybrid for the elementary schools and virtual for middle schools and high schools,” an exasperated Cogliati said. 

“We’re not following that,” she continued.

Seemingly almost unable to complete her sentence, Cogliati said, “But I do think we should follow their request and their recommendation for…masking. I’m done.” 

“So you want to pick and choose….,” Haacke said.

“Yes I do!” Cogliati yelled. “Yes I do want to pick and choose because I think you might have a point Paul, that we want to pick some things that are best for our local area but some things might be best to follow the recommendations of the doctors…”

Watch the incredible exchange below:

Frontline Doctors Summit: Surgeon Explains Mask Science vs. Myth

Dr. Lee Merritt, a fellowship-trained orthopedic spinal surgeon gave a compelling presentation at this weekend’s America’s Frontline Doctors White Coat Summit where she outlined both the science and myths behind masks.

From explaining what doctors are taught in medical school about mask use to the ineffectiveness behind the face coverings for COVID-19 prevention, Merritt torpedoes the arguments by government doctors like Anthony Fauci (NIH) and Robert Redfield (CDC).

Watch the presentation that is bound to make Dr. Fauci’s head spin above.

BUSTED: NYT Reporter Attacks Non-Mask Wearing Republicans, While Not Wearing A Mask

2020 has brought out a level of hypocrisy in liberals such that there needs to be an invention of another word that means “so much hypocrisy” that it makes regular hypocrisy look mild in comparison. Enter, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for the New York Times, Matthew Rosenberg. Rosenberg is also a CNN national security analyst who gained notoriety for his writings promoting the Russiagate hoax to the Trump-hating mainstream media.

In another attempt to bully Republicans and make conservatives look bad, Rosenberg’s efforts backfired. Tweeting from an event for a Republican, he posted a photo of a ‘Trump 2020’ pin alongside a ‘Vote Marjorie’ pin and wrote, “Souvenirs from a night spent packed into a room with Marjorie Taylor Greene and a crowd of her most devoted supporters in Dalton, GA. Masks very much optional – and unworn. As Taylor put it, she’s for ‘the unmasking of America.”

Forced to sit amongst the non-mask-wearing Republicans and Trump supporters who sat in front of a ‘God Bless Our Nation’ flag, Rosenberg expressed his contempt for their behavior. As he furthered the fear-mongering with his tweets, and his “sanctimonious display and attempts to smear Greene and her supporters” there he sat…NOT wearing a mask.

Photos from Green’s campaign account reveal Rosenberg sitting amongst the very crowd he chastises for not wearing a mask, while not wearing a mask. As The National Pulse reports, “The double-standard speaks to the mainstream media’s willingness to peddle blatant lies in an attempt to smear Trump-supporting Republicans” is exactly right.


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