WATCH: Fox News' Joey Jones Gives Inspiring Message to Americans Feeling Less Patriotic On Independence Day

WATCH: Fox News' Joey Jones Gives Inspiring Message to Americans Feeling Less Patriotic On Independence Day

Fox News host and contributor Joey Jones — a Marine veteran who lost both legs to an IED in Afghanistan — has a message for Americans who may be feeling less patriotic about their country these days.

In short: Don’t despair.

In a Saturday segment on the network’s morning show, he made his remarks in response to a recent Fox News poll showing that just 39 percent of respondents felt patriotic these days.

“Listen, be the most judicious person you can. You have a group on the left, progressives, and their idea of nationalism, their idea of Americanism is rooted in grievance. And you have a group on the right, conservatives, and their ideas are rooted in responsibility,” he began.

“And neither one of those groups are being fulfilled right now. If you’re a progressive, you look at the prosperity of this country, and you go, ‘Yeah, it’s just because we’re oppressed. That’s a millennia of oppression or centuries of oppression that is a result of prosperity,'” Jones continued.

“If you’re on the right, you’re going, ‘Man, you’re attacking everything that makes us prosperous.’ Those two groups are incredibly unhappy right now. The problem is, there’s so much more to this country than those two,” he said.

If you’re a conservative and you see … corporate media and corporations taking in the wokeism, the CRT and all of that, what you think is it’s becoming mainstream,” he continued.

“Like, that’s what most Americans are thinking because that’s why we see it every day. That’s going to be disheartening. If you’re on the left and you see these three major Supreme Court rulings, that attacks what you think this country should be,” the Marine vet added.

“So I’m being judicious on that right now. So both sides are down, hardened over these fringe issues that do not define us at all,” he noted.

“But you know what the solution is? People like us telling the appropriate story, coming to West Point, a living, breathing museum of memorial of what it takes to fight for those freedoms and have them,” he went on.

“People like us sitting here and bragging on the amazing history and trajectory of this country. There’s nowhere else in the world we could sit and have this conversation and say whatever we want to about our leadership. There’s nowhere else in the world we could go out in November and change it the way we can,” he said.


Less than 40 percent of registered voters said they’re proud of the country, with majorities of Republicans and Independents feeling dissatisfied, according to a Fox News survey published Thursday. The network noted that is a 12-point drop from 2017 and a 30-point drop since 2011.

“While the question has only been asked four times, this marks the first time a majority feels disappointed in the country:  56% aren’t proud, up from 45% in 2017 and 28% in 2011,” the outlet continued, citing the polling results.


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