WATCH: 'Facts Are Everywhere': Nancy Mace Destroys Dems, Says Biden Impeachment Inquiry Legit

WATCH: 'Facts Are Everywhere': Nancy Mace Destroys Dems, Says Biden Impeachment Inquiry Legit

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) became the latest House Republican to push back on Democratic and left-wing media claims there is “no evidence” warranting an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

Mace made her arguments Sunday morning during an interview with ABC News’ Jonathan Karl. Here’s a partial transcript:

KARL: Let me also ask you, before you go, the impeachment inquiry that – that McCarthy announced even though he had said he wouldn’t do it without a vote and then a few days later he does it without a vote. I want to read you something that Ken Buck, one of your Republican colleagues, had to say in a “Washington Post” op-ed of the impeachment inquiry. He said, “impeachment is s serious matter and should have a foundation of rock-solid facts. Trump’s impeachment in 2019 was a disgrace to the Constitution and is a disservice to Americans. The GOP’s reprise in 2023 is no better.”

He says these allegations against the Biden family are part of an imagined history and a fictitious version of events.

Was this premature going all the way with an impeachment inquiry?

MACE: I don’t believe so. The facts are everywhere. There are text messages, there are e-mails, there are witnesses, there are whistleblowers, there are meetings, there are phone calls, there are dinners. And you can’t say, hey, there’s a little bit of smoke, we’re not going to follow the fire. And the inquiry, my understanding is, as you said earlier, gives us expanded subpoena powers. I want the bank records of Joe Biden. All of that should be on the table to prove out the allegations in the SARS reports. We’re talking about a significant sum of money. We are talking about bribery. And in the Constitution Article 2 Section 4, that is the basis for impeachment.

KARL: I mean there’s no evidence of bribery in this. I mean there’s a – and —

MACE: There are witnesses. The 1023 form. There are, you know, there —

KARL: And – and you’ve been investigating. I mean you’re on the Oversight Committee. I mean —

MACE: There is evidence. You can’t say that there’s no evidence there – when there is evidence. And, quite frankly, it was the —

KARL: There’s no evidence connected to Biden.

MACE: It was the fourth estate. It was the media and journalists when Nixon was going down that helped do that investigation, helped bring down the president when they – when he broke the law.

And, you know, you guys want to deny that there’s evidence. It’s everywhere. And the bank records will prove it out.

KARL: All right, we will see. Haven’t seen much yet.



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