WaPo Gaslighter Jennifer Rubin Gets Her History Wrong By Comparing MAGA Movement to Confederacy

WaPo Gaslighter Jennifer Rubin Gets Her History Wrong By Comparing MAGA Movement to Confederacy

There is probably no more prolific a gaslighter in mainstream media today than Washington Post hater Jennifer Rubin, and she proved it again in an outrageous column published on Wednesday.

In it, she compared the modern-day ‘MAGA’ movement (let’s recall that MAGA stands for “make America great again”) to the Confederacy during the Civil War, claiming that “extreme White Christian nationalism” will go unchecked and eventually result in “violence, cruelty, and lawlessness.”

“Indeed, the MAGA movement venerates the Confederacy and managed to accomplish what the South never did: stage an assault on the U.S. Capitol bearing the Confederate flag and organize an effort to stave off the peaceful transfer of power. Both the old Confederacy and the MAGA movement pine for a fraudulent past and dress up base racism in a gauzy wrapping of honor, masculinity and military virtue. And the paranoia about an existential crisis that so many MAGA followers share tracks with the Confederacy’s fear that their way of life (slavery) was endangered by Northern forces,” she wrote.

“No, the MAGA movement isn’t advocating for slavery. But it does seek to rewrite the history of race through its fraudulent attack on ‘critical race theory,’ just as Jim Crow defenders sought to refashion the Civil War by erecting monuments to traitorous secessionists. The aim is the same: to exonerate Whites and to recast them as noble victims,” she continued.

“If left undisturbed, the extreme White Christian nationalism of today will inevitably lead to violence, cruelty and lawlessness,” Rubin claimed further.

The Blaze adds:

In a piece earlier this year, Rubin claimed that the Republican Party has become devoted to instituting “White Christian nationalism.”

MSNBC host Joy Reid has asserted that the GOP has been consumed by “white Christian* nationalism.”

“The goal of the Republican Party today, is it to seize control of every level of government, to lock out voices of color & LGBTQ voices except those who conform to their demand that history and education uplift white Christian dominion as the one true bedrock of America,” Reid tweeted in May.

“This Dominionism — this white Christian* nationalism — is cultish, sometimes violent, ugly and cruel. It has swallowed the Republican Party whole, it dominates the Supreme Court, and it’s rolling over our state legislatures, school boards, congress and governors mansions,” Reid added.

It should be noted that never — not once, historically or today — has the Republican Party advocated for slavery. Indeed, the modern-day Republican Party, founded ahead of the Civil War whose first president was Abraham Lincoln, fought to get rid of slavery, and succeeded.

In fact, the Democratic Party not only dominated the Confederacy which fought to preserve slavery, but Democrats were also instrumental in the formation of the post-Civil War domestic terrorist group, the Ku Klux Klan, and that party dominance lasted well into the 20th century, manifesting itself in Jim Crow laws and segregation.

To the lefists like Rubin who, today, claim that the modern GOP was built on the ‘remnants of yesterday’s Democratic Party,’ we note again that Republicans have never — not once — advocated as a party for slavery, segregation, and less-than-equal rights for all Americans. So that claim is demonstrably wrong.

No, Democrats own the Confederacy, the KKK, and segregation as a party. Rubin needs a history lesson, and here it is:


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