Virginia GOP Gov. Youngkin Delivers on Day One With Slew of Executive Orders, Pledge to Push Back on CRT

Virginia GOP Gov. Youngkin Delivers on Day One With Slew of Executive Orders, Pledge to Push Back on CRT

Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin got right to work after being sworn in on Saturday, signing a raft of executive orders aimed at keeping campaign pledges to push back on highly divisive critical race theory and to investigate Loudoun County public school board members and officials.

In addition, Youngkin will also allow parents to decide if they want to make their children wear masks while attending classes, while also pledging to offer them more support in making decisions on their own rather than being forced to accept left-wing mandates.

According to Fox News, Youngkin’s executive actions include these issues:

  • To restore excellence in education by ending the use of divisive concepts, including Critical Race Theory, in public education.
  • To empower Virginia parents in their children’s education and upbringing by allowing parents to make decisions on whether their child wears a mask in school.
  • To restore integrity and confidence in the Parole Board of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • To investigate wrongdoing in Loudoun County.
  • To make government work for Virginians by creating the Commonwealth Chief Transformation Officer.
  • To declare Virginia open for business.
  • To combat and prevent human trafficking and provide support to survivors.
  • To establish a commission to combat antisemitism.
  • To withdraw from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).

Also, Youngkin signed executive orders rescinding the coronavirus vaccine mandate for state workers and a directive that will “cut job regulations by 25%,” according to the network.

The Loudoun County executive order comes after the school district there garnered national attention during last fall’s campaign after a 14-year-old male student who identifies as non-binary was arrested and found guilty of raping a female student in a school bathroom. The student was transferred to another school where he went on to allegedly rape another female student; the district was accused of covering up the crimes because of the nature of the non-binary claims. Also, the father of one of the alleged victims was arrested at a school board meeting after irately demanding answers. The offending student was placed on a sex offender’s registry for the rest of his life as part of his sentence.

Youngkin began his inaugural speech by greeting and congratulating GOP Speaker of the House of Delegates Todd Gilbert,  GOP Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears, Republican Attorney General Jason Miyares, President Pro Tempore of the Virginia Senate Louise Lucas, the Justices of the Virginia Supreme Court, and the residents of Virginia, The Daily Wire reported, which added that as he began to speak, he was interrupted by the sound of two F-22 Raptor fighter jets flying overhead.

“We celebrate the sound of freedom!” Youngkin cheered, prompting a standing ovation and chants of “USA! USA!” from the crowd.

“Today we gather, not as individuals, nor as Republicans or Democrats, but today we gather as Virginians,” Youngkin began.

“The will of the people grants a license to serve. A temporary license extended with trust, with hope, and with expectations to deliver on promises made. And therefore, as I reflect on my Virginia home and my love for this great nation and its founding principles, I am so humbled to be sworn in as the 74th governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia,” he continued.

“3.3 million Virginians [sent] us here on a mission to restore trust in government, and to restore power to the people,” Youngkin added.

“We stand here today as the messengers of that movement, entrusted to protect liberty, create opportunity, and build unity for the hard work ahead.”

“My fellow Virginians, the spirit of Virginia is alive and well,” Youngkin noted further. “And together we will strengthen it. Together, we’ll renew the promise of Virginia, so it will be the best place to live, work, and raise a family.”

He also pledged to be the advocate for all Virginians, no matter who they voted for in 2021.


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