VIDEO: Fauci Laughed at Mask Wearing as ‘Paranoid’ in 2019 Interview

VIDEO: Fauci Laughed at Mask Wearing as ‘Paranoid’ in 2019 Interview

Americans are fed up with receiving conflicting opinions, data, statistics and information from our bureaucracy. At the heart of the coronavirus pandemic web of deceit was primarily one man: Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Among the confusion imposed upon Americans as news spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe was Fauci’s flip-flopping on mask wearing. A video is now circulating the internet of an interview Fauci gave in 2019, months before the pandemic began, during which he literally laughed at the notion of wearing a mask.

Appearing as a guest on “The David Rubenstein Show” the host appeared to be looking for confirmation from Fauci asking, “and the best way for me to prevent getting an infectious disease, and having to have you as my doctor, is what? Wearing a mask, um…”

Before the interview could continue going through the list of what he believed would good prevention measures, Fauci laughed and cut him off mid-sentence. “No, no no” he laughed. The interview continued questioning that he should “walk away” if “I can see someone is beginning to sneeze or cough?”

Fauci’s answer contradicts the mandates he and the government have been forcing down Americans’ throats for over a year and a half. “You avoid all the paranoid aspects” he shot back. Instead, you “do something positive.” Fauci advises have a good diet, don’ smoke, get some exercise and get good sleep.

“I think that the normal, low tech healthy things are the best thing that you can do” he concluded.

Not The Bee points out, “If you say that now you get kicked off social media, of course. But if you said I in 2019, well then you’d be Anthony Fauci.”


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