VIDEO: Dan Bongino Blows Up Joe Biden, White House For 'Full of Crap' Claims About Inflation

VIDEO: Dan Bongino Blows Up Joe Biden, White House For 'Full of Crap' Claims About Inflation

Former Secret Service agent-turned-Fox News host Dan Bongino ripped into President Joe Biden and his administration for claiming legislation he signed will reduce inflation while simultaneously claiming if Republicans win back Congress, they will make inflation worse.

Bongino’s remarks on his own show came in response to a statement by Biden and a follow-up by White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Monday.

“If Republicans win, inflation’s going to get worse. It’s that simple. We’ve got an election in the month. Voters have to decide. Democrats are working to bring down the cost of things they talk about around the kitchen table, from prescription drugs, to health insurance, to energy bills and so much more,” Biden said, according to The Hill.

Jean-Pierre made similar remarks to Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy on Monday.

“Following up on something you said earlier, if President Biden’s top domestic priority is inflation, why doesn’t he have more to show for it?” Doocy asked.

“So, the president understands, and we’ve talked about this many times, that inflation is an issue … high cost … cost is an issue for the American people, and so he’s been very clear about making that his number one economic priority. And he has done the work,” Jean-Pierre claimed.

Per Conservative Brief:

She then pivoted to praise for the Inflation Reduction Act, saying that it was “going to lower costs” for senior citizens around the country by putting caps on Medicare prescription drug costs while throwing shade at Republicans who did not vote for the measure because they did not believe it would actually reduce inflation. Jean-Pierre then said that the GOP would move to repeal the act if they could and argued doing so would only “make things worse.”

Doocy followed that exchange up by asking: “But who exactly thinks the president is doing a good job on inflation? Because we’ve got a poll that finds he receives his lowest job ratings on inflation, net negative 38 points.”

“We understand that there are challenges that are in front of us here in this country, that is why the president has taken action to lower costs,” Jean-Pierre argued, going on to mention the price of gas as one example, though in recent days, prices have been rising again around the country.

Bongino lambasted the president and his administration for those claims.

“There’s multiple universes there too, in the Biden White House. These guys are full of crap all the time. There’s the real universe and there’s the full-of-crap universe,” he said.

“That’s the Biden universe. Real, full of crap; real, full of crap. So they’re full of crap on inflation. You ever see this guy Biden? He’s always chatting about inflation as if he did something to stop it with the Inflation Reduction Act or whatever,” the host continued.

“So he gives a speech today talking about how Republicans, if they get in office, are going to make inflation worse, which is really weird because inflation was 1.2 percent year over year before this guy took office. It’s now seven points higher,” Bongino added.

“Does he ever tell the truth? The Wall Street Journal covered this. And then he said, ‘You know, we had to print a whole bunch of money to inflate and inflate away the dollar.’ Why? ‘Because the economy needed help.’ Actually, that’s not right either, there, Joe B,” said Bongino

“The economy was growing at about 6 percent GDP annualized before you got in office, and now we’re shrinking,” he added.




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