Vice-Chair of Biden Treasury Dept.'s New 'Equity' Committee Wants Cops Defunded, Focus on Race In All Govt. Policies

Vice-Chair of Biden Treasury Dept.'s New 'Equity' Committee Wants Cops Defunded, Focus on Race In All Govt. Policies

The Biden regime is, without question, the most radical leftist administration in the history of the country, even more so than that of Barack Obama.

As reported by Fox News, the vice chairperson of the newly-created ‘racial equity committee’ within the Treasury Dept. wants police departments defunded and so-called “racial justice” placed at the center of every single federal government policy, which would, of course, be patently unconstitutional and blatantly racist on its face.

The outlet continues:

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Tuesday announced the formation of a 25-member committee called the Treasury Advisory Committee on Racial Equity, which will identify, monitor, and review aspects of the domestic economy “that have directly and indirectly resulted in unfavorable conditions for communities of color,” according to a press release.

In the latest iteration of the Biden administration’s inclusion of capitalism critics in federal governance, Felicia Wong, the president and CEO of the Roosevelt Institute, was announced to serve as the nascent racial equity committee’s vice chair.

Unsurprisingly, Wong used to run the misnamed Democracy Alliance, which is a network of far-left megadonors and counts socialist billionaire George Soros as a co-founder. Since 2012, however, she has led the Rosevelt Institute, a left-wing think tank that advocates for the abolishment of for-profit prisons, reimagining capitalism (which means getting replacing it with socialism or worse), and putting so-called ‘racial justice’ at the “center” of all government policies, Fox News added.

In 2021, the institute published a report co-written by Wong called, “A New Paradigm for Justice and Democracy,” arguing that “all policy, from vaccine distribution to higher education funding to tax reform, will have racialized effects. Recognizing this reality, and always considering race in policy design, is therefore vital.”

Wong and her co-authors went on to write that a “skills-based, opportunity-focused liberalism” has become an outdated concept and ignores alleged ‘systemic racism.’ The report further claimed that “our mainstream politics has yet to recognize, prioritize, and make central the reckoning, race equity, and self-determination that a multiracial democracy would require.”

“The mutually reinforcing systems of racial capitalism, white supremacy, and patriarchy are significant barriers to racial justice. We must reject neoliberalism and racial liberalism’s belief that market freedom and access or opportunity alone can bring about racial justice,” the organization noted in a November 2021 tweet, echoing what have become standard Democratic Party talking points that are nonetheless devoid of any real evidence.

“The racial justice movement is broad. Organizers and organizations often differ in strategy and theories of change, but they share some broad values in their vision for a racially just future and what we must do to make that future a reality,” another tweet noted.

“Both neoliberalism and racial liberalism have failed. Together, these paradigms upheld a racial capitalism that subjugated people of color with racist rules while ignoring and revising history—promoting race-neutrality while exacerbating existing inequalities,” the group added.

The report went on to glorify Marxist-style wealth redistribution to achieve ‘racial justice’ while aruing that “equity” literally means equal outcomes, not equality of opportunity (as though everyone can and should become an NFL player or an astronaut if they want).

“True equity means equity of outcome, and not accepting the promise of ‘opportunity’ within a system that continues to systematically exclude,” Wong wrote. “It demands redistribution of resources—especially when wealth for some has been extracted from many—and a redistribution of decision-making power.”


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