Vail School Board In AZ Flees Open School Board Meeting Before It Starts Knowing Parents Demand Vote To End Mask Mandate

Vail School Board In AZ Flees Open School Board Meeting Before It Starts Knowing Parents Demand Vote To End Mask Mandate

Parents from the Vail School district in Arizona have had enough with the masking of children and decided to let the Vail School board know how they felt by attending an open meeting and voting to make masking optional.

Unfortunately the parents never got the chance to voice their concern as the board decided to sneak out the back and left before the meeting was scheduled to start at 7pm.

Parents pointed out to the sheriffs, who were at the scene, that the board was violating Arizona’s open meeting law. The parents decided to hold quorum and call their own meeting in which they elected new school board members right in the hallway of the school.

Once they did they called two motions to order which passed unanimously:


  1. They voted to cancel the mask mandate and make it optional for students and teachers
  2. “The Vail school district is not allowed to force or even recommend medical treatments for children without parental consent and it does not matter for emergency order”


Garret Lewis posted a portion of the video when the parents elected new members.

You can see the full video below.

Hollywood Hypocrites: Oscars Won't Require Masks for Attendees

The Oscars reportedly will not require attendees to wear masks during the awards show because it is being treated as a television or film production.

Fox News reports:

A virtual meeting featuring Academy representatives, nominees and studio and personal publicists, which took place earlier this week, revealed that due to the fact the awards show is being held at the famed Union Station in downtown Los Angeles — and is being treated as a television or film production — masks will not be required for folks who appear on camera during Sunday’s telecast, according to Variety.

Attendees will have had to pass at least three coronavirus tests prior to the event and undergo a temperature check before admittance.

The red carpet experience will be different, with only three photographers allowed.

Hollywood director Steven Soderbergh is producing the event and says masks will play a “very important role in the story.”

“If that’s cryptic, it’s meant to be,” he said during a recent press conference. “But that topic is very central to the narrative.”

Oscars producer Jesse Collins said, “The impact of Covid-19 will be highlighted throughout the show and masks will play a very important role in the story that the ceremony is trying to convey.”

When not on camera, attendees will be required to wear masks because apparently, COVID-19 only affects those who are not being filmed.

For the full story, click HERE.


BUSTED: NYT Reporter Attacks Non-Mask Wearing Republicans, While Not Wearing A Mask

2020 has brought out a level of hypocrisy in liberals such that there needs to be an invention of another word that means “so much hypocrisy” that it makes regular hypocrisy look mild in comparison. Enter, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for the New York Times, Matthew Rosenberg. Rosenberg is also a CNN national security analyst who gained notoriety for his writings promoting the Russiagate hoax to the Trump-hating mainstream media.

In another attempt to bully Republicans and make conservatives look bad, Rosenberg’s efforts backfired. Tweeting from an event for a Republican, he posted a photo of a ‘Trump 2020’ pin alongside a ‘Vote Marjorie’ pin and wrote, “Souvenirs from a night spent packed into a room with Marjorie Taylor Greene and a crowd of her most devoted supporters in Dalton, GA. Masks very much optional – and unworn. As Taylor put it, she’s for ‘the unmasking of America.”

Forced to sit amongst the non-mask-wearing Republicans and Trump supporters who sat in front of a ‘God Bless Our Nation’ flag, Rosenberg expressed his contempt for their behavior. As he furthered the fear-mongering with his tweets, and his “sanctimonious display and attempts to smear Greene and her supporters” there he sat…NOT wearing a mask.

Photos from Green’s campaign account reveal Rosenberg sitting amongst the very crowd he chastises for not wearing a mask, while not wearing a mask. As The National Pulse reports, “The double-standard speaks to the mainstream media’s willingness to peddle blatant lies in an attempt to smear Trump-supporting Republicans” is exactly right.


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